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Friday, August 29 2014 @ 09:14 AM CDT

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2014 Frosty Buns Shirts


Are you ready to show off the fact that you started the year 2014 by riding your bike?

If so, you might want to read about the changes we are making in the way we are doing the clothing now.


 One year we offered a short sleeve black shirt. The following year it was a long sleeve black shirt. Then we went to a black hooded zipper sweatshirt and from there, we moved to a fleece jacket. This year, instead of offering just ONE color or style of clothing, we are giving you a choice.

All of the shirts are available with a LARGE LOGO , January 1, 2014 and  Frosty Buns Run on the back of the shirt and a small logo, January 1, 2014 and  Frosty Buns Run on the front OR you can get one of the denim shirts with ONLY a small logo January 1, 2014 and  Frosty Buns Run on the front of it.


One style we are offering is a 100% cotton 6.5 oz denim shirt, with a button down collar. It is available in a DARK blue denim or a lighter washed looking denim. So choose your own color.

 Be sure to click on the "read more" link below to read the remainder of this story.

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2013 OBRC National Memorial Weekend Gathering


This year, our Memorial Weekend Picnic will be held on SUNDAY, May 26th, 2013 at our farm in Grandview, Indiana. We have decided to hold the main events on Sunday, instead of Monday, in order to allow extra time for the members that will be traveling from New England, the deep south and other area’s of the country, and need to return back home for work.


We would like to encourage EVERY chapter to have some type of officer present at this party because while they are gathered together, we will be accepting nominations for a new National Vice President and several other National positions. These nominations are vital to the future of our club, so please talk with fellow club members in order to share your thoughts about anyone you feel might make a good candidate for dealing with National decisions, policies and guidelines.


In order to accommodate members that are retired or have taken vacation days off, we are going to officially kick our party off on Saturday, May 18th, however if anyone would

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UPDATE: 2013 New Years Day Rides

NOTICE To All OBRC members planning on riding a bike on Jan 1, 2013.


Here is an update with the artwork for the 2013 Jackets. The OBRU will be on BOTH sleeves ONLY and will NOT be seen on the back or front of the jacket and stands for Older Bikers Riding United. The rest of the artwork displayed will be on the BACK of the jackets in large lettering and on the front of the jacket in small pocket size lettering. Remember, the jackets are GRAY, so what you see in this artwork in black, will turn out GRAY on the jackets.


Below is a photo of the "Jackets" we will have available for the members starting the year off by riding.

They have

  • 8.5 oz anti-pill 100% polyester
  • Sturdy full zipper
  • Convertible collar
  • Over sized nylon reinforced slash zipper pockets
  • Elasticized cuffs and hem

and come in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL




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Club Bylaws updated for 2012

We have updated our club bylaws for 2012 and a copy of it, as well as other chapter paperwork is available at http://olderbikers.org/index.php?topic=club_documents

Please note that you will not be able to view this paperwork unless you are a chapter member in good standing and/or a Nomad member that has been approved by a National Officer to represent us as a club recruiter for your area of the country

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Several NEW OBRC Chapters

During the recent heat wave and drought that hit Indiana in July of 2012, I decided that I needed to find a cooler place to spend my time, so HarLady and I headed to Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Not only would this let us cool off a bit, it would also let us spend time, riding, eating and talking with some of our club brothers and Sisters from that area.

While I was in New England, I was able to attend several club meetings, where some changes were made. First off, I want to congratulate Ed C., Pat B. and Tony C. for being appointed as Regional Committee Members for the New England area.


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Multi Chapter Meeting

Finally the Southern NH Chapter of the OBRC meets our brothers and sisters of the Northern NH Chapter of the OBRC.  

 We met in New London, NH for breakfast and caught up on the latest events. We saw some familiar faces and some new ones.  

We had a great time sharing how each chapter was doing, the number of members and what's on tap for this year. Both chapters agreed that we need to communicate more and most importantly ride together.

It is beautiful country up north. Nice mountain and lake views. The road could use some work after the cold weather, the frost heavies bounced my butt around. Believe me it take a big frost heavy to move this mass. :o)   We plan to keep in touch.   

Click here for more pics of the meeting between the North and the South.


Roger D.
President Southern New Hampshire Chapter
Regional Committee Member for VT, NH & MA

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Got Gray Whiskers?

Last weekend, it was unseasonably warm for January, especially in certain parts of the country and as a result, the ride scheduled for the Ownesboro, KY chapter of OBRC had a real good turnout. I figured the large turnout was a combination of reasons, but mainly because the warm temps (high 40's, to low 50's) would allow us to ride farther and more comfortable then we have for the last 3 to 4 weeks. The other reason is because most of us know there is a good chance we MAY not see temperatures this warm on a weekend again for another 3 to 6 weeks, and for SOME bikers, that can be a long time, especially when it comes to NOT being able to make a short road trip or ride.

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What or who is an older biker?


An older biker is first and foremost a biker. That means someone that has a special connection and feeling for their motorcycle.
To them, a bike is more then simply a vehicle used to transport them back and forth to work or an expensive toy. It is an expression of their individuality, freedom and independence.

Their bike is not just a machine. It is more like a family member, very special friend, or pet. It is a source of pride, an escape from the reality of everyday life and faithful companion. It offers them a chance to soar through the day like an eagle glides effortlessly through the sky,


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My First Year

The Following Story was transferred over from our old website.

"RIDING WITH OBRC" Older Bikers Riding Club for me has been a wonderful adventure so far to date. I didn't have loads of riding experience when I joined about a year ago. I had just bought my third bike of my life and it had 6500 miles on it. In just one years time riding with this club I now have over 20000 miles on my bike. Between my second bike and my third bike a lot of years have passed.
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Changing Priorities

The Following Story was transferred over from our old website.

Changing Priorities


Today, while cleaning out a spare bedroom, in order to make room for potential guests from out of town, I realized how much that spare room and my priorities have changed over the years.


At one time, that room was used primarily as a playpen for a cat. Then it became a storage room, a bedroom for my son, then storage again, then a bedroom for my son and granddaughter and finally a storage room again. Now we are converting it into a guest room for visiting bikers from other states.

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