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For security reasons, we are changing the format of our website, so please excuse out dust as we construct a safer and more secure site.

 If you are looking for information on our club, please check out the "groups" on Facebook including our NATIONAL group, or the chapters from:

Bainbridge Georgia

South Bend Indiana

Rockport Indiana

Owensboro Kentucky

Northern Mass

Souteast Vermont

Northern Nevada


Photo of Owensoboro, Kentucky Chapter Members at Poker Run for an injured rider.



Owensboro, Kentucky Chapter Rides and Events
"Saturday, September 20th.
We're going to a HogRoast at Evanston, Indiana. Another place with good food such as pulled pork, "Creek Fried Potatoes" and homemade desserts! We're going to leave Owensboro at 9:00 AM. Hope to see you all in the parking lot located beside the Chuckles gas station, by Rural King on Hwy 60 East of Owensboro.

Saturday Sept 27th Owensboro Chapter Trip to Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, MO",
"The Older Bikers will be meeting at 9 am on , in the parking lot located at the side of the Chuckles gas station, by Rural King on Hwy 60 East of Owensboro. We will be riding to LAMBERT'S CAFE The home of throwed rolls in Sikeston, MO.
If you've never been there, you need to join us to experience the good time.
If you have been there, you'll want to go back!!
Due to the distance, we will be staying at a motel Saturday night and returning on Sunday, so be sure to make your motel reservations early.
Most of us stay at the Peartree in Sikeston.


Oct 2 - Oct 5 HogRocktoberfest, Cave In Rock, IL

Mark your calendar for one of the best party rallies in the area! There will be lots of entertainment, bikers, food and fun. We are expecting Chapter members from various Clubs to be there, so come enjoy the fun with your Club brothers and sisters!


HogRocktoberfest entertainment for this year includes: Righteous Hillbillies, Bracher/Bogue, Number 9 Blacktops, Rural Route 3, Diversion, Orry Kraw, as well as Rich Guzzi, the psycho hypnotis, beach games, CCW Wrestling, Field Events and More . . . . . . . Check out their website for additional information. http://www.hogrock.com/

Some changes: This year there is no "Early Bird Wednesday" as there has been in the past. The gates open at 8:00 Thursday for everyone. In the past, only disabled individuals were allowed to have golf carts. This year golf carts are open to all with a $30.00 charge.